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Welcome to Woods Valley Kampground & RV Park in San Diego, CA

RV camping is allowed anytime but RV’s bathrooms must be in working order as BATHROOMS are CLOSED NIGHTLY except on weekends.  Tent camping is allowed on weekends only with a 2-night minimum and the pool is open.  We are observing all Cal-OSHA recommended protocols so check-ins and questions will be a bit more time-consuming and extensive.

Campgrounds in San Diego, CA at Woods Valley Kampground & RV Park

Camping is a great way to bring your family members closer to each other and to our planet. Imagine your clan surrounded by Cottonwood and Oak trees, walking together beside the giant Sycamores in the foothills of San Diego’s North County. Escape thoughts of the everyday run-around as you explore two nearby streams, one of which runs year-round and feeds our fishing pond.

Experiencing the outdoors with your children in a safe, family oriented environment can inspire a love of nature and adventure. Teach your children the value of spending quality time as a family and make camping a part of your own family’s traditions. Many of our campers become regular visitors, and make memories that last a lifetime.

Kids who camp with their parents learn life skills and build strong bonds with their siblings as they hike, bike, boat and explore the natural beauty of California.

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Campground Map of Woods Valley Kampground & RV Park