Group Rules & Regulations

Please keep in mind that you, the Leader/Organizer, are responsible for your group’s behavior as a whole and each individual is responsible for their own behavior. If anyone does not follow these simple rules of courtesy, we will ask them to leave. We just want to be very up front and honest about this. The reason for being so strict is that if anyone detracts from the peace of the park or infringes on others’ enjoyment, it makes an unpleasant experience for all including people that are not part of your group. I would suggest sending this out to each of your guests so that they have a copy.

Woods Valley requires a list of the names of all the people in your party in advance of your visit. We copy IDs and hand out vehicle tags for each party checking in as standard practice. We will turn away anyone past the number of people on that list. For example, if you paid for 97 people, the 98th person will be turned away. If you paid for 20 cars, we will turn the 21st car away. We will be checking frequently on the number of people, tents and cars in order to enforce this as well as to enforce the rules below. Anyone who breaks these rules will be asked to leave immediately.

Please see our Park Etiquette for general guest etiquette and rules. 

Additionally, below is group-specific information:

  • Goat’s Meadow: Made for 17 vehicles, 17 tents and 68 people. Extra vehicles beyond 17 must be parked in the overflow areas that our staff can direct you to. Generally, these areas are close to Goat’s Meadow but not on it. A maximum of 25 vehicles (8 extra) are allowed for any group renting Goat’s Meadow. More than 17 vehicles will be charged $3/vehicle per day. This area nominally allows 68 people total (4 people per site) and can accommodate no more than 102 people (6 people per site). More than 68 people are charged $3/person per day.
  • Coyote Country: Made for 12 vehicles, 12 tents and 48 people. Extra vehicles beyond 12 must be parked in the overflow areas that our staff can direct you to. No more than 18 vehicles (6 extra) are allowed for any group renting Coyote Country. More than 12 vehicles will be charged $3/vehicle per day. This area nominally allows 48 people total (4 people per site) and can accommodate no more than 72 people (6 people per site). More than 48 people are charged $3/person per day.
  • We will require a refundable deposit (up to $500) over the cost of the stay to cover any possible damage or extra cleaning if required for any infraction of our Park Etiquette whatsoever including excessive noise. If the premises are not left in the condition they were in at the time of your arrival or if any bathroom drain unclogging services are needed, some or all of that deposit will be retained to cover costs of extra work including but not limited to dealing with excessive noise issues.

Woods Valley has had many groups stay at Woods Valley with very good experiences. A couple of examples of the kinds of behaviors that respect the park and the other guests are cited to demonstrate the type of behavior expected out of group stays: A group from UCSD actually cleaned the bathrooms and took out the bathroom trash prior to leaving so that they were basically left in perfect condition. In addition, they bagged the trash, took it to the dumpsters and cleaned up Goat’s Meadow completely. That is a group that understands and practices consideration for others very well. Another example is the church group that picked up their entire set of sites prior to leaving and left them in pristine condition as they’d found them. Again, these people understand leaving a place the way it was when they got there.

We strive to make sure that each of our guests enjoy a pleasurable stay in the park. We provide clean surroundings and amenities associated with each site. The rules above are to ensure that our small staff has the ability to keep up with simple cleaning and maintenance and doesn’t have to compensate for any inconsiderate behavior by any of our guests. Woods Valley staff expects all of our patrons to maintain common courtesies between each other and towards our staff in the spirit of courtesy and cooperation.

Thank you and please feel free to email or call with any questions,

Marc & Dawn